About Us


Aurora Recovery Capital is a company primarily specialized in the management of secured Utps and Npls in Italy. AREC is an Asset Manager and Special Servicer of Large Real Estate Loans portfolios and single names, where the single file average Gross Book Value (GBV) is of ca.€31m.

AREC is characterized by a high level of experience in the real estate sector as well as the specific skills of the AREC Team. Thanks to an approach aimed at creating value and restoring business continuity, we build tailor-made solutions for Borrowers who are supported along the way until value is maximized.


Aurora Recovery Capital believes in teamwork, synergy and close collaboration of specialists that with passion and dedication are able to reach outstanding results.

With this philosophy we promote the creation of value for credit institutions, investors and Borrowers, through the valorisation of secured real estate loans and through close collaboration with the Borrowers. The cooperation with independent professionals of primary standing specialized in the technical, administrative and financial sectors and an effective performance management enables AREC to increase value. Our devotion has allowed us to maintain a leading position in the management of secured real estate loans.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" (Michael Jordan)


Board of directors: Matteo Cidonio (Chairman), Gian Morris Attia, David Caviglia, Cyril Choppin de Janvry, Roberto Tamburrini.

General Director: Marco Sion Raccah

Chief Financial Offer: Mario Miano

Board of Auditors: Claudio Paoloni (Chairman), Gianfranco Pallaria, Fabio Carolini

Supervisory Board: Francesco De Cristofaro (Chairman), Claudio Paoloni, Fabio Carolini